about steve

Addiction & Indictment

After getting sober from 14-year battle with opiate addiction, Steve found himself facing a federal indictment that sent him to prison. After he lost his freedom and was released, he realized he had also lost his identity, confidence and purpose and he wasn’t sure if he’d end up losing his 20-year marriage.

Steve spent most of the past decade and over $100,000 on coaches, courses, events and masterminds searching to find out why his past kept popping up to poison his ability to reclaim his life.

Steve is a "serial entrepreneur” and has grown several businesses to seven figures over the past 20 years. Steve has a huge heart and is extremely loyal. Steve is a people person, great networker who loves to bring people together.

A New Way of Life

Steve has a new podcast Life After Addiction and Indictment to help those who have a past that keeps getting in the way of their future reclaim their lives through entrepreneurship. He knows what It’s like to lose your confidence, have doors slammed in your face or lack the knowledge to chase your entrepreneurial dreams. Steve has the experience, knowledge and relationships to help you take control of your life and secure your future.

After 24 years of "co-existing" in his marriage, Steve knows what it takes to create a happy and fulfilling relationship. Steve celebrates his 31-year anniversary this June to his beautiful wife Ann. Together they have four boys and one girl, ages 16-28.

When he's not working, Steve loves to spend time with his family in Lake Powell, Sunday night game night, golfing, traveling, riding motorcycles with his four boys and creating memories.