Drug addiction is a common problem many people face. Over time, addiction can seriously interfere with the life of a person taking away his most prized possessions and creating distance from family members. 

Once involved in a cycle of drug addiction, one might have a hard time getting out of this situation. Steve Cloward has managed to surpass this phase in his life after many years of hardship. What motivated him is his family and his desire to be a changed man.

On this episode of Life After Addiction And Indictment, Steve shares the story of his battle with drug addiction and how he was able to come through this phase in his life. Tune in for an episode that will help you walk away from addiction if it has ever had a grip on your life.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What were the reasons why Steve has relaunched his podcast and where the show is going from here
  • How Steve recovered from addiction and what motivated him through the struggle
  • Why self love is important to a person and how it can change your life forever
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote: 

If you’re a recovering addict, or if your loved one is a recovering addict, there is no such thing as a weaning path. It’s all or nothing. You just gotta go and get it over with. I tried many times to wean off, that never works because we’re fantastic manipulators and liars.
Steve Cloward

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