How does an addict successfully recover from their disease? As parents of an addict, Pamela and Gary Roberts saw that there was room for improvement in the current rehabilitation options. Now, they’re on a mission to change the system. 

Gary and Pamela are the founders of Promises Recovery Centers and Pure Body Zen, a hemp-derived products distribution company. Gary has also served as a firefighter for fifteen years, and just launched his new podcast, Good Dudes Grow, in December 2020. Pamela previously led strategic branding for the Marriott Corporation. 

On this episode of Life After Addiction and Indictment, entrepreneurs Gary and Pamela Roberts speak with host Steve Cloward about their family’s battle with addiction, how they’ve since reimagined the rehabilitation process, and the value of fitness and CBD during recovery. Hit play to find out what a successful recovery from opiate addiction can look like. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Gary and Pamela became disenchanted with the current rehabilitation protocols in Florida
  • How they are now using Crossfit, community building, and nutrition to transform the rehabilitation process
  • How CBD can help maintain a healthy, happy body during periods of stress

Favorite Quote:

“When [participants] finish their recovery… they’re always welcome back. They can still work out, still help do the vocational program. We’ll get them a job, we’ll make sure that they’re ready to be functional in society, not just ‘okay, you’re done—bye!’”
Pamela Roberts

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