“Who do you need to become?” That’s what leadership coach Nate Bailey wants to know, as he guides you through not just the strategies, but the transformation required for personal development and success.  

Nate Bailey is a leadership trainer, executive coach, veteran army lieutenant, and author. He hosts the podcast Championship Leadership and runs Unleash the Leader Within—a 5-day leadership development program. But Nate doesn’t just talk the talk, he runs the run: Nate has run three 50ks, two 100ks, and a 100 mile run in the last few years. 

On this episode of Life After Addiction and Indictment, Nate and host Steve Cloward talk about  Nate’s long-distance running, his most recent book, 100 mile mindset, and what we can learn about business leadership from Nate’s extreme sports addiction. Listen in for entrepreneurial  wisdom from a man who knows the true meaning of perseverance! 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Nate’s long-distance running helps his professional life
  • What strategies to employ for managing depression 
  • Why positive self-talk really works

Favorite Quote:

“There are lots of opportunities for you to quit and go home or you know, because it’s painful, you’re tired. It’s a long way. . . So you’ve got to be addicted to the work that’s required and the work that’s required isn’t always the most satisfying in the moment, right? There’s plenty of other things I could probably think of that I would rather do. But what’s what’s the pain or the cost or the consequence down the road?”
Nate Bailey

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