Tumbleweeds! Skateboards! Just-add-water crepes! Jake McCloud tried a lot of bogus business ideas before he discovered film. First, he had to fall in love with failure—and he thinks you should too. 

Jake McCloud is the owner of Novva Agency, a film company that does much more than create video content. Jake is passionate about helping others figure out how to make video work for them, so they can follow their dreams. By far his favorite job is that of husband and father of three. 

On this episode of Life After Addiction and Indictment, Jake and host Steve Cloward dive into Jake’s journey from teen dad to entrepreneur, adversity IQ, and the power of video. Hit play to find yourself rooting for Jake and his growing family as they navigate life and entrepreneurship. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Jake managed to start his business while raising two kids as a single dad!
  • The creative strategies Jake used to gain experience as a videographer 
  • What adversity IQ is—and what it has to do with business 

Favorite Quote:

“Go with your gut, make a ton of mistakes, and enjoy the process. Be completely infatuated with the failures, be infatuated with the wins, and then move on and do the next thing.”
Jake McCloud

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