For Larry Roberts, the start of 2021 brought with it a major ending: his last day of working in Corporate America. 

After a 21-year stint in corporate IT, Larry — a podcaster, speaker, best-selling author and top-rated course creator — was ready to make the leap and work full-time for himself. And what it took to get here has been quite the journey. Although he’s long had experience in the world of side hustles, it was the growth of his podcast, Readily Random with Larry Roberts, that made him truly believe he could be own boss. And it was also podcasting that gave Larry an important tool for his sobriety. 

“Podcasting as a whole was inspired because it was me looking for an outlet in my new sober reality,” he says. “About a year or so before I started podcasting, I got sober. Prior to that I was I was a hardcore alcoholic.”

For a while, Larry had been able to keep his drinking on the sly and saw himself as a “functional” alcoholic — until one day, about 14 years into his corporate career, he realized he’d become anything but functional. After two stints of hospitalization, nearly losing his job and a three-week bender in which he lived solely on gin and protein shakes, Larry went to rehab. It wasn’t long after that, through a happy accident in the form of an ESPN outage and a turn to Joe Rogan, he realized that podcasting could be his medium. 

On this episode of Life After Addiction And Indictment, Steve and Larry talk about how that realization became a full-blown entrepreneurial career, what it’s like to leave Corporate America behind, and the advice that any new podcaster needs to hear.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Larry monetized his podcast without relying on the usual suspects, and why he believes the “riches are in the niches”
  • How podcasting became a vehicle for forging his new sober identity 
  • Why, as an entrepreneur, you need to find the who — not just the how
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“I’m still to this day, a firm believer in having coaches and having direction…  I have coaches for everything. And I don’t do anything without making sure that I’m following in someone’s footsteps that has done it before me and can guide me to do it properly.”
Larry Roberts

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