Growing up with two siblings and a single mom in a one-bedroom East LA apartment, Abe Cruz knew how to get by without a lot from a young age. 

Tired of being teased for his home life, his acne and for wearing clothes full of holes, he found solace in playing basketball and football, where the “focus was on the game” instead of on his appearance. It was a challenging upbringing, and the struggle continued into his early 20s. After dropping out of college, Abe juggled two jobs as a club promoter and a personal trainer, sometimes driving straight from the club shift ending at 3 a.m. to a 5 a.m. appointment with a fitness client. It was an unsustainable life, and his mom needed money. So when someone made him an offer to drive “product” from coast to coast and be paid as much as $15,000 for a single trip, he took it. 

Fast forward into the future, and Abe was looking at a 30-year prison sentence. God kept showing up for him, though in the end, he just spent four years at an Oklahoma prison — and right after  he had a business idea that helped him turn his life around. 

On this episode of Life After Addiction And Indictment, Steve and Abe talk about how Abe became inspired to design clothes and start a business, the mysterious ways God showed up for him through other people, and why it’s never too late to turn things around for anyone of any age. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why sports were a saving grace for Abe growing up
  • How he formed a new vision for himself while in prison (and executed on it)
  • Why a “real champion puts God first”
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“I didn’t have an LLC, I didn’t have a trademark, I didn’t have any real business. I was selling t-shirts out of the trunk of my car. I think that’s important to point out to listeners because I think so often people get caught up in thinking they have to have this or that before they can just take action… Don’t get hung up on thinking you have to have X before you can do Y.”

— Abe Cruz

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