When Amanda finally managed to get away from the man who was trafficking her, she was thirty-one years old and didn’t know what she’d gone through or even have a name, much less how to deal with the pain of feeling like a broken person, unworthy of love and filled with so much anger. On a freezing cold day in 2018, she saw formerly trafficked people standing strong and showing their beautiful resiliency on a stage at an anti-trafficking event. At that moment, she finally knew what her purpose in life would be.


Since then, Amanda has spoken on a multitude of stages, been interviewed by the Chicago Tribune, sold her art all over the country, been a keynote speaker at international summits, loaned her voice to multiple radio programs, and published over a dozen books. She launched two podcasts – one that focuses on interviewing other authors of trauma and the other that discusses the long-term consequences of trauma and how to fight back for a better life. She’s a trauma recovery mentor, professional artist, accomplished public speaker, and a charity campaigns manager for MMA legend Frank Shamrock through ShamrockWay.org.

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