What were you put on this Earth to do? Unfortunately, too many of us are wandering around without purpose and disconnected from each other and God. It’s time to wake back up – and Timothy Stewart has made it his mission to make that awakening possible.

Timothy is known as TalkManTalk, or “The Addiction Rehab Coach.” At 40 years old, he found himself homeless and hopeless with only 8 dollars in his pocket. Despite an impressive background spanning the Air Force, NYU, jobs with IBM and UPS, and several years in corporate America, Stewart was a broken human being. He was spiritually, emotionally, and physically bankrupt and on the verge of giving up.

Today, Stewart speaks to motivate and educate as a life coach, author, and speaker. He has found his purpose and passion, and he helps others do the same by overcoming dysfunctional behavior and learning how to live the high quality of life our CREATOR wants for us from the day we are born.

In this episode of Life after Addiction and Indictment, Paul and Timothy dig into Timothy’s ups and downs, leading to the moment God helped him uncover the root of the real problem and fight for a fresh start and a new purpose, understanding what the kingdom of Heaven is and how it relates to us on Earth, and dismantling words we think we know already to reveal accurate definitions that could change not only our individual lives but the lives (and the faith) of people across the world. Tune in for an enlightening interview that will open up your mind and spirit to your highest potential and the habits to help get you there.


What you will learn:

  • What Timothy eventually began to realize about the difference between knowing how to exist and knowing how to live
  • How attitudes and knowledge around addiction and mental illness are progressing and changing these days, and how each discovery changes lives
  • Why meditating on the Law and godly principles is an essential practice for anyone hoping to keep confusion and chaos at bay.
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“Being holy means that my thoughts, my words, and my actions are one… our mission is to start helping individuals unlearn some things and learn how to live based on truth. That’s how I teach this principle. ”

  • Timothy Stewart


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