Can marriages sustain in the long run even after facing stumbling blocks? Yes, they can, if honesty prevails and you trust your Creator to pave the right track for you.  Steve Cloward unveils his thoughts and expresses his gratitude towards his relationship with his wife after completing 31 years of his marriage. The journey had, of course, not been smooth for him as he acknowledges saying, “Married to somebody who has gone through a lot of pretty difficult challenges with me, and my life is something that I don’t take lightly”. But Steve has consistently proved himself a warrior in battling with the ordeals and emerging triumphant.

In this solo episode of Life after Addiction and Indictment, Steve Cloward has been highly vulnerable in communicating the areas where he went wrong and had been irresponsible in his marriage. The overpowering effect of addiction to opium got him almost on the verge of ruining his relationship, but things didn’t fall apart. Instead, the enthusiasm and the keenness to revive the bonding and some unknown protective power that never let him lose were the reasons for his success in marriage.


What you will learn:

  • What Steve realizes after spending 31 long years in his marriage and how he acknowledges it.
  • Why Steve wants us to believe in the existence of God in our lives or maybe some other superior power or authority to guide us through when we tend to give up.
  • How Steve’s belief in the omnipresence of God is going to have a substantial impact not only in our relationships but also in other aspects of life, such as the ventures we take up and our businesses and entrepreneurship.
  • And much more.


Favorite Quote:

“Whatever God you choose to believe, whether it’s your source, energy, a higher power or whatever it is, it doesn’t matter, but believe in something greater than us, that created us.”

  • Steve Cloward


Resources Mentioned: (Get access to Steve’s course here!)

How To Get Involved:

If you’ve been addicted or indicted and you’re stuck because you continue to get judged by your past, I know how it feels like to be ignored and have doors slammed in your face, so if you’re ready to reclaim your life and destiny through entrepreneurship, this podcast is for you. 






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