Take your life back and own your past. Getting caught up in what you should be doing and comparing yourself to those around you will keep you stuck in the same place. Let go of what should be to let your future have room to grow.

Your host, Steve Cloward, has worked for years to reclaim his life after struggling with addiction and losing his direction after an indictment. Through this show, Steve has spoken with dozens of experts ranging from mindset coaches to entrepreneurs who have experienced similar struggles and can reclaim their lives despite them.

In this episode of Life After Addiction and Indictment, we revisit the best tools, tips, tricks, and hacks that came to life on this show. Listen in for an episode that reminds you there are many ways to reclaim your life, and each one starts with forgiving yourself.


What You’ll Learn:

  • How living in a state of fear only contributes to the failure you are trying to avoid
  • What power mindset has over your goals and how you perceive the future 
  • Why you are the product of the five people you are surrounding yourself with most often
  • And much more!


“You’ve got to know that moving, even if it’s just a little bit, is way better than just sitting where you are. As much as you don’t want to, eventually, that load that you feel like you’re carrying will start to lighten up, and things will start.” 

  • Nate Bailey


How To Get Involved:

If you’ve been addicted or indicted and you’re stuck because you continue to get judged by your past, I know how it feels like to be ignored and have doors slammed in your face, so if you’re ready to reclaim your life and destiny through entrepreneurship, this podcast is for you. 






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