Are you paying attention to what is happening in America today? If not, here is your wake-up call! The events happening in our country now are not by coincidence or happenstance. This fiery redhead that is coming on today is not only shaking it up in her town but for her entire generation.

It is time to start going deep in the behind-the-scenes to find out what our politicians, leaders, medical field, and every other area we rely on are truly up to. This is what Hannah Menshouse is doing! She is delving deep to get the information to bring to everyone she can reach.

Hannah is a fiery 22-year-old redhead with blue eyes and a senior at the University of Kentucky. She’s studying management with a minor in marketing.

She started the Red Patriot Show in April of 2020 to expose the truth about election fraud, child sex trafficking, the COVID shots, and all the lies that have been pushed upon her and many generations before. The lies about the clot shot which are now killing and sterilizing young people just like her. She is also a youth precinct captain and helps upcoming podcasters to share their voice!

Everyone has a voice, and she wants them to use it! As one of her favorite sayings says, “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!”


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If you’ve been addicted or indicted and you’re stuck because you continue to get judged by your past, I know how it feels like to be ignored and have doors slammed in your face, so if you’re ready to reclaim your life and destiny through entrepreneurship, this podcast is for you. 




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