Have you ever had a dream to get out of the “9-5” and follow your passions, but haven’t taken “the leap” yet? Today is your day to get the fire to learn how to ignite that passion. Steve and Cheryl bring you how to walk the path to your freedom. 

Do not miss out on how to learn to say yes to the hero’s journey today! Yes, you are a hero, now is when you get to follow your assignment to be set free for what you are designed to do. Cheryl Knowlton brings you the passion on how to embrace the challenges, the joys, and how to find the path in your hero’s journey! 

Cheryl Knowlton is the CEO and Chief Energy Officer of Dynamite Productions, Inc.

 As a real estate educator, broker and 20-year veteran of the real estate and mortgage industry, Cheryl Knowlton is obsessed with helping real estate agents become more relevant in today’s marketplace through harnessing the power of engaging education. As a record-breaking recruiter, licensed broker, national speaker, coach, author, and real estate compliance expert, Cheryl specializes in enthusiastically empowering real estate excellence by consistently delivering highly engaging and relevant content. As the CEO of Dynamite Productions, a global real estate training company, Cheryl’s programming ensures that real estate educators, licensees, designated brokers, and mortgage professionals leave with the practical tools they need to hit the ground running and experience explosive growth and success in their careers.

 When she is not scanning her Annual Pass at a Disney theme park, Cheryl is traveling the country to speak in 26 different states for state and local associations and for The National Association of REALTORS Annual Convention in 2019. She is now enthusiastically bringing Instructor Development and mandatory content development to states across the country to assist other educators in raising the bar in their own backyards.

 In addition to holding the highly coveted Certified Speaking Professional Designation (CSP) and the Distinguished Real Estate Instructor Designation (DREI), she also holds 16 NAR Designations and Certifications and teaches 12 of them. Cheryl also designed and built a Utah real estate pre-licensing school from the ground up in 2017.

 Enthusiastically dedicated to raising the bar of professionalism in real estate, as well as personal development, Cheryl carries this high-octane vibe into the classroom and all her online video content. She loves teaching the many courses she has authored nationally, as well as NAR designation courses, incorporating fun into the programming to endure students participate in learning through a variety of modalities. Cheryl genuinely loves the real estate industry and gets completely “lit up” about moving the needle and taking the real estate industry to the next level through professional real estate education.

 Cheryl has been a proud member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) since 2010, where she serves as the Vice President on the NSA Mountain West Chapter Board of Directors. She has also been a member of The Real Estate Educators Association (REEA) since 2010, where she earned her Distinguished Real Estate Instructor (DREI) designation in 2014. Dedicated to keeping in touch with the pulse of real estate, she has been actively involved in the Women’s Council of REALTORS locally and regionally since 2000.

 Cheryl is also author of the books, “Burn the Hamster Wheel: 20 Stress Management Strategies for Today’s Real Estate Professional”, and “I’m Only Half Crazy: Life Lessons Learned While Running 20 Half Marathons”. (She has run 22 half marathons to date!)

 Cheryl is the joyful wife of Rick, the proud mother of 4 beautiful adult married daughters and is having the time of her life enjoying her 8 perfect grandchildren.

Connect with Cheryl: https://cherylknows.com

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