Jason Frank knew early on; the system was rigged. After deciding at an early age to participate in life and all it may offer, he learned the ropes the hard way. His trials would be absolute tribulations to his amazing Tale in the Greatest Story Ever Told

Embracing his previous victories over addiction and prison life. Jason found himself at a crosshair in life and knew exactly where he belonged. Jason discovered a military intelligence operation dedicated to eradicating the evils of Our planet who went by the name Q and finally felt like this World was worth participating in and most importantly began a mission to Save Our Children

Jason created his Channel on YouTube to begin a journey in search for the truth. Jason met a man named Stephen whose trailer park burned down, while all the trees were spared. Smart meters were catching on fire and DEWs were lighting things on fire, people died, and Jason demanded to know the truth. He recalls the tears as he placed his WWG1WGA covered duct tape on his yellow construction vest jumped in a U-Haul to begin his trip to Paradise, California and made a commitment to the survivors that until they were healed and strong enough again to use their voice, he would continue using his loud & proud and being the voice for the Voiceless.

Along the way, Jason also discovered a powerful man named James Alefantis and his very nefarious Childs Playcenter called Comet Ping Pong and found a way to infiltrate the manager becoming Facebook friends for a few days b4 Mikey Brewer realized his true intent and blocked him. Anons and Autist are still digging to this day on the rabbit holes that were opened due to this infiltration.

They learned about Charter Schools, karate dojos, dance studios and all the organizations that had access to special needs kids. Among his journeys of exposing what would become Pizza-Gate, he also braved his face at the publicly hidden Drag Queen Story Hours that were being held at public libraries to give convicted pedophiles access to Our children as they started their plan to normalize and market pedophilia.

Without Jason, the world may have never known about either. His diligence for the truth and his dedication to the Children has always been his primary focus. And as he says will be until the head of the snake rests at his feet or the Good Lord takes him home to his next journey, whichever comes 1st.

Today’s Jason Frank has dedicated his life to the destruction of the old guard as the demonstration of what a Child Safety Advocate should truly be, above all evils and regardless at what cost.

Jason is the personification of what true commitment really means

Stay in the Light,

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