Are you finding it difficult to talk to anyone about the events happening in our nation and around the world? Do you feel like all the information you are getting from mainstream media is not accurate? Steve and David walk you through the events of January 6, 2021, how you can find fact-based information about current events, and so much more. Don’t allow the created decisiveness to be what breaks us apart. Connect now with David and get truthful information about what is happening in our nation. Are you ready to help heal our nation? If so don’t miss out on this dynamic and informative show today. 

David Sumrall is a Christian, Carpenter, Small Business Owner, Activist, Citizen Journalist, documentary filmmaker of “Righting History,” founder of StopHate in 1992 and, co-founder of the American Celebration Tour, and Creator and Host of Discussion Island.

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If you’re struggling and you’re not sure what’s holding you back but you’re ready to reclaim your life and power through entrepreneurship, I’ve got the experience, resources, and relationships to get you there.


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If you’ve been addicted or indicted and you’re stuck because you continue to get judged by your past, I know how it feels like to be ignored and have doors slammed in your face, so if you’re ready to reclaim your life and destiny through entrepreneurship, this podcast is for you. 




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