Have you had questions about this pandemic, the “cures” for the pandemic, or the “jab”? If not it is time to question what is going on behind the scenes in this pandemic. Who is truly behind it? What is in the Vaxx? Why is it being pushed so intensely?

Whether people have taken one, two, three and some four jabs, why are they getting Covid?  Why do those who are Vaxxed give a damn about those who are unvaxxed if the jab isn’t protecting them or others from Covid? Those who have had Covid are protected with the antibodies and aren’t a threat to anyone. 

“Vaccinated people & unvaccinated people are testing positive for Covid. The facts of whatever science we’re using here & it’s changing all the time doesn’t really back up having a 2 class system” ~@aaronrodgers12



Now is the time to love yourself enough to find out what is going on in this country, and world concerning who’s in charge and what their agenda is. Don’t take for granted what someone else has in mind about what is going on. Get deep and get enlightened to what is going into the body from the Jab. Are you ready to find the truth?

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