After Joey saw the things they were doing to harm our kids, he had enough. Nevada had the highest suicide rate in the US among teens in 2020 and 2021. Nevada was the only state to ban all sports in 2020. The decisions that were being made by Governor Sisolak continued to harm our kids, local businesses, and the average American citizen. It became obvious to Joey that this Governor didn’t give a damn about the people.

Joseph S Gilbert – The People Champ

One of Mr. Gilbert’s greatest strengths is his ability to build teams and then provide the leadership necessary for the team to execute on projects.  Utilizing his experience as an athlete, business owner, practicing trial attorney, entrepreneur, and community leader, Mr. Gilbert is able to push his teams and businesses forward, actualizing their true potential.  A former world-ranked professional prizefighter, Mr. Gilbert possesses the tenacity and follow-through to find and execute on opportunities in real time.


Mr. Gilbert received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nevada and his Juris Doctor from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law.  Mr. Gilbert has a long history of volunteerism and support of non-profit organizations, specifically those focused on assisting the youth and our veteran communities.  Mr. Gilbert spent time visiting the U.S. Military in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom, in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and now serves as Chairman of “Nevada Veterans for Veterans.”  Mr. Gilbert is an Assistant Coach for the UNR Boxing Team, and volunteers weekly at Redirect Athletics, where he teaches boxing to at-risk youth.


Mr. Gilbert was a 3-time National Champion Collegiate Boxer, 4-time Regional Champion, and 4-time All-American, and after returning from Basic Training for the Nevada Air National Guard in 2001, became the Nevada State Golden Gloves Super Middleweight Champion.  Three years later he was cast in NBC’s “The Contender,” and went on to become ranked #3 in the world by the World Boxing Organization (WBO), and #7 in the world by the World Boxing Council (WBC).  In 2006 and 2007 Mr. Gilbert held both titles for WBO-NABO and WBC-USNBC Middleweight Champion and finished out his career in 2011 with a record of 21 – 3 (17 KO’s).


In 2009 Mr. Gilbert formed Joey Gilbert Law, and in 2015 was named to The National Trial Lawyers’ prestigious “Top 40 Under 40” List.  In 2018, Mr. Gilbert was awarded “Best Attorney” in Reno-Tahoe by the Reno News & Review. Fast forward to 2021 and Joey Gilbert Law was awarded “Best Law Firm” and “Best Personal Injury Attorney” in Reno-Tahoe by the Reno Gazette Journal. Mr. Gilbert has always believed in providing the highest quality legal representation, through an effective and aggressive practice.  Joey Gilbert Law encompasses attorneys specializing in many different areas of law, to include criminal defense, personal injury, wills, trusts, probate and estate planning, immigration, special use, licensing, sports and entertainment, and cannabis and hemp law.


Mr. Gilbert began his work in cannabis in 2014 and has since facilitated the application, licensure, operation, and management of dozens of licenses and numerous facilities throughout Nevada.  In his role as lobbyist, he has been instrumental to their success at both the local and state levels.  Mr. Gilbert co-founded one of Nevada’s leading cultivation and production establishments, Cannavative, before co-founding Reno’s only downtown dispensary, Mynt Cannabis, and its partner location.  These two Northern Nevada dispensaries were part of a package that recently sold for $60M.  In 2017 Mr. Gilbert began following hemp legislation as it made its way across the country, and toured dozens of ranches throughout Nevada, Oregon, and Western Canada.  Mr. Gilbert was able to use his knowledge and prior experience in cannabis to assist Nevada officials and elected leaders in their adaptation and understanding of federal hemp laws.


In 2018 Mr. Gilbert founded the Tahoe Reno Industrial Hemp Company and became a partner in a Nevada processing firm, The Parliament Group.  Mr. Gilbert is now partnering with local farmers to begin cultivating industrial hemp as a viable crop, and a viable future.  Mr. Gilbert recently broadened his scope to encompass real estate acquisition via the cloud-based brokerage company eXp Realty.  This represents yet another venture ahead of its time, which Mr. Gilbert has had the foresight to engage and execute on.


As Mr. Gilbert is often asked to take on the most difficult and challenging projects, he is credited with having a fearless attitude and grand vision towards the future, capitalizing on opportunities and pushing through non-mainstream and marginalized ideas.  Mr. Gilbert understands the work that must be put in to complete projects, and continues to set the pace for all whom he works with.


In October of 2020, Mr. Gilbert met Dr. Simone Gold while speaking at a conference in Miami and their synergies were immediately apparent. The two began working together shortly after and Dr. Gold, putting her faith in Mr. Gilbert upon a visit to Reno, asked him to become one of the board members of America’s Front Line Doctors where he now drives business and legal strategy and is a fearless warrior on behalf of humanity. 

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