Brannon is dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, and companies live their best life. As a thought leader and influencer, his passion is to inspire the discovery of purpose. Brannon utilizes branding, defining culture, system and process development, contemporary leadership, and other disruptive practices to fulfill the “WHY.”

Brannon combines knowledge from growing up in the streets with common sense, which he instills in all his offerings. He is dedicated to learning and mining wisdom from life’s experiences. Brannon will always ask “What if?” on a path to the endless possibilities and unlimited potential
Brannon is a Tedx Talk speaker and has presented at and has done

workshops for Meta, Facebook, Stanford Health Care, Lululemon, Microsoft, Barclays Global, UCSF, Market Muscles Marketing Summit, MyStudio Business Summit, Kovar’s Satori Retreat, Century’s Martial Arts Super Show, and the Kukkiwon’s President’s Summit, to name a few.

Brannon Beliso is an 8th-degree black belt and the owner of One Martial Arts in San Francisco and Millbrae. His reputation spans fifty years as a student, an instructor, competitor, and innovator of award-winning life skills, kickboxing, and martial arts programs.

Brannon has been featured in Evening Magazine, CBS Morning News, KRON 4 Health, Martial Arts Success Magazine, and Dojo Digest. He is the author of “Live, Learn, Grow,” a contributor to the international best-seller, “Black Belt Power,” and has written features for several major martial art magazines, and blogs. He has been a featured guest on podcasts ranging from mindset to culture building to defining your purpose.

Brannon presents workshops and seminars with the mindset that we can always do and be better. He is committed to being a student for life and dedicated to serving others. Brannon is a husband and father, the two things he is most dedicated to and proud of. 






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If you’re struggling and you’re not sure what’s holding you back, but you’re ready to reclaim your life and power through entrepreneurship, I’ve got the experience, resources, and relationships to get you there.

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If you’ve been addicted or indicted and you’re stuck because you continue to get judged by your past, I know how it feels like to be ignored and have doors slammed in your face, so if you’re ready to reclaim your life and destiny through entrepreneurship, this podcast is for you. 

Life After Addiction and Indictment

Truth Talk With Steve





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